Young Learners 5-6 have been learning the names of the colours in Arabic

Class 5-6 have been learning the colours in Arabic as part of their Arabic lesson including: green, red, yellow, purple, pink, blue, brown and orange. They are able to formulate sentences in Arabic incorporating the colours such as; “My favourite colour is red.” “أُحِبٌّ اللَّوْنُ أَحْمَر” as part of their biography and can say what colour an object or animal is in Arabic such as “The monkey is brown.” “اَلْقِرْدُ بُنِّيّ” and “The chair is red.” “اَلْكُرْسِي أَحْمَر”.

Our children had lots of fun doing the arts and crafts activity, they coloured in each balloon with the corresponding colour and decorated it with glitter. This reinforces learning and helps the children to remember the new vocabulary.


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