Class 1B ages 8-9 have been learning about the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)

Class 1B have been learning all about the life of our Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) in their Islamic studies lessons. They explored the family tree of the Prophet, learning the names of his grandparents, parents, wives and children as well as his life before prophet-hood.

The teacher read the story of the night the revelation was brought down and the children recited the verse that was revealed:

“Read in the name of your Lord who has created man from a clot. Read and your Lord is the Most Generous” [Soorah Al-Alaq 1-3]

Over the weeks, the children also learnt about one of the most important events in the Prophet’s life; The Night Journey. The Prophet rode Buraaq to Bayt Al-Maqdis in Jerusalem where he found the previous prophets and messengers and led them in prayer. He then ascended each level of the Heavens where he greeted several prophets such as Prophet Aadam (a.s) and this journey is when Alllah made the 5 daily prayers obligatory.

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