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Saturday School Review and Ceremony Day!

This Saturday 20th July will be the last day of the final term where Reviews and Ceremony will take place. This will be a full paid day, which all students are expected to attend. The day will start at the regular time of 10:40 am.  They will spend the morning reviewing their individual assessment...

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Saturday School Assessment Day on Saturday 14th July!

Revision day took place last Saturday and all upper years have been revising for the Assessment Day that will take place on Saturday 14th July 2019. Registration will take place at 10:40 am and school will close at an earlier time of 2:15 pm. It is essential that the students arrive on time so that...

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Our Young Learners Continue Learning About Ramadan!

The children in class 5-6 started their Islamic Studies lesson by colouring in the countdown calendar. Countdowns are a useful utility for children to know that something will be complete or will happen at some point. The children then went on to discuss what happens at ‘Iftar’ time. Iftar...

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Young Learners Class Age 5-6 Learn All About Ramadan!

Our young learner students have been learning all about Ramadan!. They learned why it is  important to know about Ramadan is as it is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. The teacher went on to explain that it is a special month for us Muslims and Allah has blessed this month with lots of goodness. As we...

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