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Young Learners Class Age 5-6 Learn All About Ramadan!

Our young learner students have been learning all about Ramadan!. They learned why it is  important to know about Ramadan is as it is one of the 5 pillars of Islam. The teacher went on to explain that it is a special month for us Muslims and Allah has blessed this month with lots of goodness. As we...

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Qur’an School Ceremony!

Qur’an School Ceremony – Certificates & Presents prepped and given out. Alhamdullilah we have come to the end of another successful term, the children had worked hard and achieved much this term – Allah bless and Preserve them: ✅ 8 completed Read Book ✅ 5 competed...

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Saturday School Revision Week!

Saturday School Revision week will commence on the 23rd March 2019. Please ensure your child attends in order to recap all lessons covered and to receive the revision notes In’sha’Allah.

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Young Learners Class 5-6 Learn about Picture Making In Islam

Last week, Young Learners Class 5-6 have been learning about picture making .The focus of this lesson was to explain the dangers of making pictures: it’s prohibition in Islam and how it leads to worshipping others besides Allah. The class was then taught the Hadith Narrated from Abu Talhah (may Allah...

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Young Learners Packing For a Picnic In Arabic!

On the return of the new half term, our young learners have been taking part in an exciting lesson in Arabic where they have been learning all about what foods to pack for a fun picnic. Students role-played excitedly as they sat outdoors on the blanket with their heaving picnic basket, this was easily...

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