Young Learners at Saturday School have been learning about etiquettes and manners of attending the Masjid!

The new term at the Saturday School started off with our Young Learners learning all about the etiquette’s and manners of attending a Masjid. Through discussion they have learned that a Muslim is calm, kind, gentle towards others. He speaks with the best of manners and attempts to copy the Prophet Muhammad about whom Allah said: And verily, you (O Muhammad SAW) are on an exalted standard of character. (Surah: Al-Qalam—64:4).The Lesson started off with asking the children to explain what takes place at a Masjid?. This allowed a discussion and children to collectively brain storm all acts of worship that takes place. The teacher then went on to explain; The importance of learning about Islam, learning your religion & acting on what you have learnt is a means of pleasing Allah. The class then concluded in a fun activity where they were able to get creative and complete their very own artwork.


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