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Qur’an School Restarts on Monday 1st June!

Asalamu Alaykum Wa’Rahmatullahi Wa’Barakatuhu, We hope you’re all in the best of Emaan & Health,  Alhamdulilah after completing the Blessed Month of Ramadan & Eid we’re happy to announce the Qur’an School – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday will Resume back online on Monday 1st June @ 5:00pm. We...

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Qur’an School is now closed for Half -Term!

Qur’an School is now closed for Half- Term for one week. It will re open back on Monday 13th April 2020. We look forward to seeing our students back! Please watch out for regular updates via our Facebook and Twitter accounts (@salafischool) or join us on our telegram channel ( We...

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Online Quran School

Open to all 👍 – full week of Quran  – everything from Home – live class with simple apps Due to the enormous demand we have decided to open up the Quran class to everyone; until space runs out. 🗓 Days and Times – Monday, Wednesday Thursday 5-7pm – Tuesday,...

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Notice for Parents- Qur’aan/ Saturday School and COVID-19

UPDATED ARTICLE Qur’aan School will close end of tomorrow inshaaAllah. For parents wanting to continue we wil be offering Online Lessons at the same time between 5 and 7 pm. You can signup here: Saturday School, Kids martial Arts, and Girl’s Club are all suspended...

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We know about the story of Prophet Aadam Alaihisalaam!

Our wonderful class 5-6 have been learning all about the Prophet Aadam Alaihisalaam! In class, the children listened carefully to the story of when Aadam Alaihisalaam was created. Aadam Alaihisalaam was the first ever man created by Allah’s hands (yes, Allah has hands but not like ours). Allah created...

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Young Learners Class 6-7 Enjoy Their Conversation In Arabic!

This week our young learners have had a wonderful Arabic Lesson! They have been encouraged to have conversations in Arabic with their teachers and class friends. The subject of teaching Arabic language is often raised in bilingual families however we would like to encourage our parents to stay persistent...

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