Salafi School Online Services

We are now offering some of our services online for parents across the world- starting with Qur'an and Islamic Studies.

Join our Online Qur'an School

Live Lessons direct to your home for an affordable price, by teachers with experience. Aid your child to make the most of his time and benefit in this life and the hereafter. 

Days - Tuesday & Friday

Times - 5pm-7pm

Price - £10 per week.

Spaces - Limited!

Join our Online Qur'an School

Alhamdulilah we have been successfully running our Saturday School for 7 years now at the masjid, educating our children upon the Sunnah. We are now offering Full Islamic Studies classes for all children every weekend.

Topics covered will range from the basics of Islam, belief, methodology, through to seerah and fiqh.

  • Weekend Classes
  • Ages 5 - 16
  • Full Saturday School syllabus
  • Via Skype

Qur'an Classes for Existing Onsite Children during eh COVID19 Lockdown

Please complete this form if your child attends Qur'an School and you would like them to continue during the lockdown.

Classes will be conducted online, and prices will be the same as on site for all parents. 


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